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En Chile presentan ranking de Transparencia Activa de Organismos Públicos (CLAD, 6 April 2011)

06 April 2011 | chile, public admin, spanish, transparency

El Consejo para la Transparencia de Chile lanzó el primer "Ranking de Transparencia Activa de organismos de la administración central del Estado", que comprendió un total de 167 instituciones a las...

Chile publishes national democracy survey results

24 January 2011 | chile, latin america, undp-supported

In its issue of June 2010, the GAP Newsletter described the uniquely participatory process lead by a Consortium of four national think tanks representing the whole Chilean political spectrum, with...

Publication: Institutionalisation of Government Evaluation - balancing trade-offs (Working Paper) (3ieimpact, 4 Aug 2010)

04 August 2010 | chile, colombia, latin america, m&e, methodology, mexico, nat ownership, participatory mechanisms, publication

Carefully designed and implemented evaluations can improve people’s welfare, and enhance development effectiveness. The paper investigates institutions in Mexico, Chile, and Colombia, and shows that...

Seminario (26-27 aug, Santiago): emocracia Participativa y Presupuesto Participativo: Tensiones y Complementariedades con la Democracia Representativa (Innovación Ciudadana, Aug 2010)

02 August 2010 | budget, chile, event, latin america, opportunity, participatory mechanisms, spanish, webinar

El próximo 26 y 27 de agosto se realizará el Seminario “Democracia Participativa y Presupuesto Participativos Tensiones y Complementariedades con la Democracia Representativa”, organizado por el...

Chile asks just how democratic its democracy really is

27 June 2010 | chile, democracy, idea int, latin america, undp-supported

Since our initial story on the Chilean democracy assessment supported by UNDP’s Oslo Governance Centre and International IDEA (see “Chile: Taking Stock of Democratic Progress”,...

Panama: Regional exchange on how to measure governance in Latin America and the Caribbean

23 June 2010 | argentina, barbados, bolivia, brazil, caribbean, chile, el salvador, latin america, mexico, nicaragua, panama, paraguay, rblac, regional workshop, undp-supported, workshop

Many countries of this region are celebrating the bicentenary of their independence and around twenty years of freedom from authoritarian regimes. But at this time of rememberance of their...

Municipal E-Government Index, Towards the Strengthening of Citizen Participation, (ICEM, 31 May 2010)

31 May 2010 | chile, country initiative, e-governance, publication

Shared by Governance Assessment Portal Rodriguez Iglesias, Andres and Andres Chacon Romero. Municipal E-Government Index, Towards the Strengthening of Citizen Participation, Santiago, Chilean...

CHILE: Gender Equity Progress Blocked by Hard-Core "Machismo" (IPS, 18 may 2010)

18 May 2010 | chile, gender, human dev, nhdr, publication, report

Gender Equity Progress Blocked by Hard-Core "Machismo"By Daniela Estrada SANTIAGO, May 14, 2010 (IPS) - More than 60 percent of Chileans surveyed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)...

ICT for Accountability: Transparency "Bottom-Up" (, 14 may 2010)

14 May 2010 | access-to-info, africa, blogs, chile, ict, social accountability, transparency

At the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit 2010 in Santiago last week, I was able to gather a wealth of information and ideas regarding the use of ICT for accountability. In a session on this topic I...

Chile embarks on a democracy assessment (Int IDEA, 18 March 2010)

22 March 2010 | chile, initiative, latin america, press release

On 8 March 2010, International IDEA's Office of the Permanent Observer to the UN is hosting a panel discussion to mark International Women's Day at UN headquarters for the launch of the revamped...

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