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Online Discussion Engaging citizens in well-being and progress statistics

29 March 2014 | citizen engagement, gdp, good practice, statistics, well-being

Wikiprogress and partners will be hosting an online discussion on the role of citizen engagement in the development and use of well-being and progress statistics, from 22 until 30 April 2014.  ...

Webinar: Citizens Engagement - Guidance and Sharing Experience for OGP Action Plan

17 March 2014 | assessment initiatives, citizen engagement, citizen participation, country experiences, ogp, open government

Citizen engagement is at the core of open government. Data and information are important, but citizens must feel and empowered to voice their opinions, and governments should actively seek to engage...

The Accountability Revolution: New Approaches to Advancing Democratic Governance

17 December 2013 | accountability, citizen engagement, governance performance, open government, panel-discussion, usaid

With the release of the Strategy on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance earlier this year, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) presented a reformulation of its traditional...

Open government data emerging, trust in government declining

13 December 2013 | citizen engagement, open data, trust

The use of open government data has declined since last year, a new study by the Initiative D21 and the Institute for Public Information Management (ipima) reported at a press conference in Berlin...

How Mobile Technology is Improving Service Delivery (live webcast available) | Brookings Institution

11 December 2013 | citizen engagement, mobile phones, public service delivery, webinar

"By the end of this year, it is estimated that there will be more internet-connected devices in the world than people. Mobile devices and digital applications enable users to exchange information on...

The Role of Citizen Engagement in Transparency and Accountability - Open Conversations about Open Government

22 November 2013 | accountability, citizen engagement, citizenship, governance performance, government

In this open conversation, Tiago Peixoto (The World Bank), Aaron Azelton (NDI), Susannah Vila (The Engine Room), and Lee Drutman (the Sunlight Foundation) are asked about the Role of Citizen...

Government Auditors Beginning to Engage Citizens, but Must Do More

06 November 2013 | citizen engagement, citizen participation, civ society, government budget, open government, transparency

At the 2013 Open Government Partnership Summit I attended a very interesting session on how supreme audit institutions (SAIs) can engage with citizens and other actors more meaningfully and...

Blog post: Transparency & Social Accountability: Where’s the Magic?

04 November 2013 | accountability, aid, citizen engagement, global index, governance, open data, social accountability, transparency

Are citizens receiving the greatest development impact for their development dollar? This is the basic principle at the heart of International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), a voluntary, multi-...

The role of data in European democracy

31 October 2013 | access-to-info, accountability, blogpost, citizen engagement, eu, europe and cis, open data, open government, transparency

This week campaigners and officials from over 60 countries around the world are meeting in London for the Open Government Partnership Summit to discuss how to make governments more open. A major...

Transition to Open Government in the Arab World

14 October 2013 | access-to-info, arab states, citizen engagement, open government, public participation, reforms, transparency

Over the past few years, citizens in the Middle East and North Africa region have demanded more open and inclusive governments. Transparency and public engagement are essential pillars of government...

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