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Blogpost: Good FOI laws don’t make for good government

08 October 2012 | blogpost, commentary, comparative, global index, legislation, ranking, rti

Sometimes one wonders whether international indices make much sense.  The Right to Information Index is an illustration of why that may be. The RTI Index ranks the 93 countries that have legislation...

Blogpost: Are MIGA Guarantees Governance Products?

04 October 2012 | commentary, competitiveness, corruption, data, investment, private sector

I’ve considered whether MIGA guarantees are, in effect, governance products. Readers might rightly ask how I’ve come to this conclusion. Consider what a governance product is:  something that...

Blogpost: Can We Measure Politics and Political Development?

01 October 2012 | commentary, feasiblity, fragility, global index, methodology, prediction

Measuring how countries perform is all the rage. Everyone from the World Bank to Bertelsmann to Africa’s most famous entrepreneur does it, producing indices on things like how competitive economies...

Country policy and institutional assessment: How well are African countries doing? | End Poverty

25 September 2012 | africa, blogpost, commentary, global index, indicators

Every year, the World Bank’s country teams and sector experts assess the quality of IDA countries’ policy and institutional framework across 16 dimensions to measure their strenght and track progess...

Blogpost: 2012 WGIs are poor for much of the Pacific Forum

25 September 2012 | blogpost, commentary, global index, pacific, wgi

The Worldwide Governance Indicators for the member states of the Pacific Forum are concerning. Perhaps most alarming are the ratings for the Regulatory Quality indicator. All (except Tokelau and New...

Blogpost: The role of data in keeping governments accountable

20 September 2012 | accountability, blogpost, children, commentary, education, mdgs, post-2015

With the deadline for the Millennium Development Goals drawing nearer, there is much discussion around what needs to be done to achieve these goals, as well as what will happen post 2015.   It...

Nigeria’s Champion for Data-Driven Decision Making

19 September 2012 | advocacy, africa, commentary, data, nigeria, nso, presenting data, statistics, visualisation

Today, Nigeria is in the midst of implementing its Vision 2020, one of Africa’s most ambitious national development plans. Designed to grow Nigeria into one of the world’s 20 largest economies...

Commentary: Democracy declined worldwide in 2011 with Arab Spring at risk, watchdog says

19 September 2012 | commentary, press coverage, report

WASHINGTON -- Democratic governance declined throughout the world in 2011, showing that gains made in the Middle East and North Africa during the Arab Spring are very fragile and in its chaotic...

Blogpost (Philippines): Country Governance Assessment by ADB: A Reaction

17 September 2012 | commentary, nat initiative, philippines, undp-supported

This paper focuses on the background and condition of the seven areas where good governance in the Philippines should be well developed and maintained. Although there have been efforts given to...

Study: Happiest countries have press freedom

27 August 2012 | blogpost, commentary, correlation, happiness, media, press freedom, research, study, well-being

Freedom of the press is a reliable indicator of a country’s happiness, journalism doctoral student Edson Tandoc Jr. concludes in a new study. Tandoc and Michigan State University’s Bruno Takahashi...

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