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World Bank's New Website Lets Countries Compare Data on Education

03 February 2014 | comparative, data collection, data tool, governance and education, open data, tool

 As our partner Engine Room’s Susannah Vila recently asked in a post, can open data improve primary education in developing countries? She points to a number of grassroots education data initiatives...

How Do the Social Progress Index and the Legatum Prosperity Index Compare?

30 October 2013 | comparative, economic dev, global index, global indices, measurement, social dev

Yesterday saw the launch of the 2013 Legatum Prosperity Index. Now in its seventh year, the Legatum Index measures the performance of more than 140 countries using a range of indicators across eight...

Press Releases: Legatum Prosperity Index Extends its Reach

31 October 2012 | annual, comparative, cross-country, economy, global index, indices, press release, well-being

Today we launch the 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index™, the Legatum Institute’s unique annual assessment of global prosperity based on both material wealth and personal wellbeing. The Prosperity Index™...

Launch: 2012Commitment to Development Index

16 October 2012 | comparative, development, global index, launch

Which wealthy nations are helping poor ones most? Rich and poor are linked in many ways. Each year, the CDI scores wealthy governments on helping poor countries via 7 linkages: aid, trade,...

Blogpost: Good FOI laws don’t make for good government

08 October 2012 | blogpost, commentary, comparative, global index, legislation, ranking, rti

Sometimes one wonders whether international indices make much sense.  The Right to Information Index is an illustration of why that may be. The RTI Index ranks the 93 countries that have legislation...

UNDP Ranks in Top 10 for Transparency

03 October 2012 | access-to-data, accra, africa, aid, aid effectiveness, comparative, global initiative, index, international org, transparency

Washington — A leading international aid transparency organization said the UN Development Programme (UNDP) "performed well" in its transparency efforts and said the agency should be congratulated....

Blogpost>Good Government Means Different Things in Different Countries – Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center

17 April 2012 | cis, commentary, comparative, europe, oecd, performance, public admin

A number of criteria have been developed to measure countries’ degree of “good government”; these can include the capacity to receive aid, manage foreign direct investment or initiate trade...

Internet Use and Democratic Demands: A Multinational, Multilevel Model of Internet Use and Citizen Attitudes about Democracy – Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center

16 April 2012 | access-to-info, civ action, comparative, correlation, ict, publication, research, social accountability, study, technology

The global relationship between the Internet and democracy has become a subject of great scholarly interest and debate. Prior research has focused on national Internet penetration and use rates and...

Blogpost: Evidence of Quebec on the Forefront of Canadian Democracy

03 April 2012 | audit, canada, comparative, political parties, release, transparency

In the Foundation for Democratic Advancement's (FDA) recent electoral finance audit of Canada's 10 provinces, Quebec ranks and scores the highest with an outstanding score of 100 percent (out of 100...