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Does size affect the quality of governance?

25 September 2012 | blogpost, correlation, global index, integrity, new zealand

It seems appropriate when considering public sector integrity to lump the “old” Commonwealth together – to equate ethical standards in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand – and to...

Study: Happiest countries have press freedom

27 August 2012 | blogpost, commentary, correlation, happiness, media, press freedom, research, study, well-being

Freedom of the press is a reliable indicator of a country’s happiness, journalism doctoral student Edson Tandoc Jr. concludes in a new study. Tandoc and Michigan State University’s Bruno Takahashi...

Blogpost: Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Governance Challenge

14 May 2012 | correlation, economic governance, financial, private sector, proxy, wealth fund

As the world economy emerges from the rubble of the financial crisis, sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) have consolidated their position as relevant players in global financial markets and beyond....

Commentary: Social Exclusion and Political Change

27 April 2012 | blogpost, commentary, correlation, dataset, fragility, global index, legitimacy, social accountability, social contract

[...] Does the increase in social exclusion or its persistence lead to political instability? Two indices published regularly by Bertelsmann Stiftung, a private, independent German foundation and...

Internet Use and Democratic Demands: A Multinational, Multilevel Model of Internet Use and Citizen Attitudes about Democracy – Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center

16 April 2012 | access-to-info, civ action, comparative, correlation, ict, publication, research, social accountability, study, technology

The global relationship between the Internet and democracy has become a subject of great scholarly interest and debate. Prior research has focused on national Internet penetration and use rates and...

New International Research Group on Economic Governance in Africa

20 March 2012 | africa, asia pacific, correlation, economic dev, economic governance, research

The new initiative, Initiating and sustaining developmental regimes in Africa (DRA), aims to contribute to better understanding on the key conditions for fast and equitable sustainable economic...

Health systems performance in sub-Saharan Africa: governance, outcome and equity

18 April 2011 | africa, correlation, health, inequality, methodology

  Background The literature on health systems focuses largely on the performance of healthcare systems operationalised around indicators such as hospital beds, maternity care and immunisation...

Publication: Education Inequality and Economic Growth: Framework for the Evaluation of Pakistan’s Education Policy (MPRA, 3 Nov 2010)

04 November 2010 | asia pacific, correlation, education, inequality, pakistan

This paper attempts to substantiate the Education-Growth relationship with a view to evaluate Pakistan’s Education Policy over the last two decades. With a view to the inadequacy of the generally...

Publication: Geography, Institutions and Human Development: A Cross-Country Investigation Using Bayesian Model Averaging (MRPA, 19 Sept 2010)

20 September 2010 | correlation, health, institutions, publication

This paper examines the role of long standing institutions – identified through geography, disease ecology, colonial legacy, and some direct measures of political and economic governance – on human...

Publication: Cultural values and governance quality as correlates of road traffic fatalities: A nation level analysis (SafetyLit, 5 Sept 2010)

09 September 2010 | correlation, publication, safety

This study investigated the relationships between governance quality, cultural dimensions and road traffic fatality rates in a sample of 46 countries. Government quality was measured with six World...

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