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Post-2015 Event: Debating the Post-2015 Data Revolution: will technology or better institutions make more of a difference?

26 March 2014 | big data, data-revolution, ict, post-2015, technology

The High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda first called for a “data revolution” in May 2013. Since then, a broad and numerous chorus of voices have echoed the need to...

Post-2015: Without massive public engagement, there can be no data revolution

21 March 2014 | blogpost, civ engagement, data-revolution, open data, post-2015

In 2013, the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel pointed to a set of ‘transformational shifts’ that could serve as markers for ongoing debate on the scope of the global development agenda after...

Investments to End Poverty - A Call for More and Better Data. What Does this Mean and Why Does it Matter?

05 March 2014 | data collection, data-revolution, post-2015, poverty reduction

The debate is no longer is about whether the private sector has a role to play in ending poverty but how. Over the course of this week, we have explored where business can do more to end poverty.  ...

Blog Post: Toward a Big Data Revolution for Sustainable Development

20 February 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, measurement, sustainable dev

In choosing the term ‘revolution’, it is clear that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s High Level Panel sought to convey the magnitude of the data-driven transformation required for effective...

Data Revolution: Development's Next Frontier

06 February 2014 | data, data-revolution, survey

Governments have been collecting data on their citizens almost from the first moment that they came into being. Data was needed to determine what was out there that could be extracted: The Egyptian...

Development data: how accurate are the figures?

04 February 2014 | data, data-revolution, maternal health, mdg5, post-2015

You know a lot less than you think you do. Around 1.22 billion people live on less than a $1.25 (75p) day? Maybe, maybe not. Malaria deaths fell by 49% in Africa between 2000 and 2013? Perhaps....

Blog-post: Is big data a silver bullet for development?

03 February 2014 | big data, blogpost, data, data-revolution, governance, indicators, post-2015

I’m at a three-day workshop on data and accountability for the post-2015 development agenda, hosted by the UN Development Programme (UNDP). I’m joined by a sizeable contingent of statisticians as...

Blog-post: Data revolution for Sustainable Development

03 February 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, goals, measurement, post-2015, targets

The call of the UN’s High Level Panel on Post-2015 for a ‘data revolution’ is gaining momentum. But what does this call for a data revolution mean?  It means many things:   building on the wealth...

Blog-post: Unpacking the data revolution at the country level

22 January 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, goals, indicators, measurement, post-2015, targets

As the 2015 target date of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaches, deliberations and negotiations are intensifying on what the successor framework should be.   As this blog series is...

Blog post: The road to 2015 is paved with open data

17 January 2014 | aid, blogpost, data-revolution, open data, post-2015, transparency

Transparency is a key pillar of sustainable development: an essential piece of the puzzle to enable effectiveness, accountability and social change. And in recent years, information on aid spending...

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