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Dataset l Here are 315 charts on poverty and inequality.

26 August 2013 | dataset, europe, inequality, north america, oceania, oecd, poverty

The OECD is out with its latest disposable income, poverty and inequality numbers for all its member states. The full data are here, but it’s more fun to play around with the awesome interactive they...

Panel debate l Can government data change the world?

03 April 2013 | dataset, debate, evidence-based, open data, transparency

Google and The Guardian Datablog - in partnership with the Open Knowledge Foundation - are co-hosting a series of events around the big issues in data, transparency and policy. They wish to get at...

Next Stage in Open Government Data: Using Data for Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration

18 October 2012 | corruption, dataset, e-governance, transparency

  This workshop focused on “Next Stage in Open Government Data: Using Data for Transparency, Accountability and Collaboration” The workshop was arranged by the Division for Public Administration...

Commentary: Social Exclusion and Political Change

27 April 2012 | blogpost, commentary, correlation, dataset, fragility, global index, legitimacy, social accountability, social contract

[...] Does the increase in social exclusion or its persistence lead to political instability? Two indices published regularly by Bertelsmann Stiftung, a private, independent German foundation and...

Benetech's Human Rights Data Analysis Group Publishes 2010 Analysis of Human Rights Violations in Five Counties (HRDAG, 14 Dec 2010)

14 December 2010 | chad, colombia, cross-country, dataset, guatemala, human rights, iran, liberia

Analysis of Data from Witnesses, Governments, NGOs, and Other Sources Clarifies History and Supports Criminal Prosecutions By Ann Harrison Palo Alto, CA, December 10, 2010...

Dataset: Nov 2010 QoG Social Policy Data Set (13 Nov 2010)

16 November 2010 | dataset, global index, social policy

Shared by Governance Assessment Portal The aim of the QoG Social Policy Dataset is to promote cross-national comparative research on social policy output and its correlates, with a special focus...

Launch: QoG Survey Dataset (Quality of Government Institute, 18 Aug 2010)

20 August 2010 | dataset, global index

Shared by Governance Assessment Portal The QoG Survey Dataset is now launched, a unique dataset on the structure and behaviour of public administration based on a web survey of 528 country experts...

RT@docstuart: More than 1,000 World Bank data sets now mapped (26 April 2010)

27 April 2010 | dataset, mapping, presenting data, twitter, web resource

WorldBankNews: RT @docstuart More than 1,000 World Bank data sets now mapped thanks to #opendata

New Database: Gender and Land Rights (FAO, 23 April 2010)

23 April 2010 | agriculture, dataset, gender, land governance, land rights, mdgs, web resource

Easy access to up-to-date information on gender and land rights This Database contains Country level information on social, economic, political and cultural issues related to the gender...

Publication: Maternal mortality for 181 countries, 1980–2008: a systematic analysis of progress towards Millennium Development Goal 5 (The Lancet, 23 April 2010)

23 April 2010 | dataset, maternal health, mdgs, publication, research

systems worldwide. Reliable information about the rates and trends in maternal mortality is essential for resource mobilisation, and for planning and assessment of progress towards Millennium...

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