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OECD How's Life report highlights

07 November 2013 | assessment, education, employment, governance, income inequality, oecd, well-being

The How's Life? report on wellbeing from the OECD thinktank attempts to count the human cost of the global financial crisis. The wide-ranging report ranks countries on a range of criteria from...

World gender gap index 2013: see how countries compare

25 October 2013 | education, empowerment, gender equality, global index, right-to-health

Iceland has been named the country with the narrowest gender gap in the world, for the fifth consecutive year, by the World Economic Forum (WEF). The annual gender gap index places Iceland in first...

Commonwealth launches first Youth Development Index

20 September 2013 | commonwealth, education, employment, global index, health, political participation, youth

The Commonwealth has launched the first index measuring the development and empowerment of young people in countries worldwide.   The Youth Development Index (YDI) offers an inter-country comparison...

Blogpost | Service Delivery Indicators Initiative: Monitoring Health and Education performances in Africa

13 August 2013 | basic healthcare, education, kenya, monitoring, open data

  After pilot tests in Tanzania and Senegal in 2010, the World Bank in partnership with the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research andAnalysis (KIPPRA) launched the Kenyan Service Delivery...

Upcoming event: The launch of the Global Peace Index - Home - Peace Portal

08 June 2013 | conflict assessment, democracy, education, global index, launch, peace, transparency, well-being

The 7th edition of the Global Peace Index will be released internationally in June 2013. On Thursday 13 June 2013 from 16:00-17:00 it will be presented at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague...

Release l Where is the best country to be a child?

31 May 2013 | annual report, children, data collection, disability, education, global assessment, nutrition , public service delivery, right-to-health

The data in this year's UN report on children throws up as many surprises as predictable patterns. In which country are children most likely to die before they reach the age of 5? Where are teenage...

Blogpost | Schooling Isn’t Learning

29 April 2013 | africa, blogpost, education, guinea bissau, literacy, world bank

  In 2010, World Bank statistics report that Guinea-Bissau had a youth literacy rate of 72%.  That means seven in ten people aged 15-24 were estimated to be able to read and write a simple paragraph...

Philippines: Check-My-School: Monitoring Made Easy with Dedicated Volunteers and ICT Tools

27 February 2013 | asia pacific, education, ict, monitoring, public service

  The quality of education in the public sector often suffers due to poor services like lack of classrooms, textbooks and toilets. A project called Check My School uses mobile and Internet technology...

Case Study | Ghana | Community Monitoring and Participatory Budgeting in 10 Schools in Ghana

15 December 2012 | africa, capacity building, case study, community, education, ghana, monitoring, participatory budgeting

  To tackle Ghana’s backlog in guaranteeing universal primary education, the Government, in 2005, decided to abolish the system of school fees previously in place to finance basic schools. Instead,...

Armenia l Promoting Transparency and Participation in Extra-Budgetary Fund Collection in Schools in Armenia

14 December 2012 | case study, corruption, education, framework, good governance

Armenia’s secondary schools regularly collect extra-budgetary funds outside and in addition to the budget allocated by the government. Assessments of corruption vulnerabilities at this local level of...

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