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Call for Contributors: The Money, Politics and Transparency Project

21 March 2014 | call for contributors, evidence-based, fiscal management, indicators, legislation, methodology

Global Integrity is embarking on a partnership with the Sunlight Foundation and the Electoral Integrity Project to launch the Money, Politics and Transparency Project.  Our goal for this multi-year...

Blog-post: A focus on national capacity is needed

08 January 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, evidence-based, measurement, post-2015

Whereas several blogs in this series have highlighted the need for more frequent collection of data and the exploration of different sources of data and information, it is often the absence of a...

Panel Discussion l The Why, What, and How of a Development Data Revolution

09 December 2013 | accountability, data-revolution, evidence-based, mdgs, post-2015

As we approach 2015, the UN High-Level Panel report calling for a “data revolution” has reignited debate on how the international community produces, shares, evaluates, and uses statistics. Despite...

"The Most Comprehensive Source of Information on Children" in Argentina

17 October 2013 | database, devinfo, evidence-based, latin america, unicef, youth

If you’re familiar with Argentinian newspapers, you know that you are likely to find a lot of statements on children and youth issues. While this is a positive fact in the fight to promote child...

Blogpost l A Data Revolution for the post-2015 Agenda?

03 October 2013 | blogpost, data-revolution, evidence-based, post-2015, poverty reduction

Last week saw hundreds of people gather for the UN General Assembly debates on the post-2015 agenda. Member states agreed on an outcome document that outlines the process for getting to an agreement...

Panel debate l Can government data change the world?

03 April 2013 | dataset, debate, evidence-based, open data, transparency

Google and The Guardian Datablog - in partnership with the Open Knowledge Foundation - are co-hosting a series of events around the big issues in data, transparency and policy. They wish to get at...

Blogpost l Poor numbers are not sexy

19 February 2013 | blogpost, data, evidence-based, online debate, post-2015, statistics

The issue of statistical capacity building in developing countries is actually becoming a sexy issue. I can’t believe I am saying this. Though, we can ask Hal Varian for his opinion on that here....

Goals for science in the post-2015 development agenda

23 November 2012 | benchmarks, evidence-based, governance and mdgs, monitoring, post-2015

The UN Secretary-General's high-level panel on life after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) — the Post-2015 Development Agenda — held its second meeting in London at the beginning of November....

EU follows up on Rio + 20 calls - the beyond GDP agenda - European Public Health Alliance

31 October 2012 | alternative indicators, eu, evidence-based, mdg, post-2015, rio 20

As overarching objectives of sustainable development, EU Environment Ministers welcomed the recognition of poverty eradication, the promotion of sustainable patterns of consumption and production,...

Research to Action launched alongside 3ie PIM workshop in Cornwall

01 October 2012 | evaluation, event, evidence-based, launch, research

This week saw a meeting of international delegates involved in the Policy Influence Monitoring (PIM) project, funded by the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), in Cornwall. To...

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