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Blogpost l Good or Good-looking governance? That is the Question

21 May 2013 | afghanistan, blogpost, global integrity, governance, governance reforms, indicators, open budget, uganda

(...) We all like to look good, especially in the eyes of others. This is why so much was made earlier this year when Afghanistan scored 59% on the Open Budget Index (OBI) measure of budget...

Help Wanted: Consultants for the Web Index

04 February 2013 | africa, global integrity, governance index, opportunity

    Global Integrity is launching collaboration with the World Wide Web Foundation to generate data for the 2013 Web Index (, a ranking of countries evaluating access,...

Roundtable l TESTING 123: The Global Integrity Innovation Fund - Deadline 16 November! | Kabissa Blog

06 November 2012 | africa, event, funding, global integrity

Nicole Anand of Global Integrity will introduce and answer questions about the Global Integrity Innovation Fund at the next Africa Roundtable on 2 November - join us! Participation is free, though...

Blogpost: A New Way of Measuring Corruption in Kenya

28 March 2012 | africa, anti-corruption, cipe, global integrity, kenya, sub-saharan, transparency international

  Studies that measure public perception of corruption are a useful tool in comparing anti-corruption efforts (or the lack thereof) across countries, but they do not provide actionable data to combat...

Event: Win a free Global Integrity Dialogue Workshop!

28 March 2012 | accountability, anti-corruption, evidence-based, global integrity, reform, transparency, workshop

  As part of our effort to promote concrete policy dialogue around the findings from the recently released Global Integrity Report: 2011, Global Integrity is offering an interested government the...

Blogpost: Corruption Risks in Egypt, Middle East Increased in Run-up to Revolutions, Study Finds (Global integrity, 4 May 2011)

01 July 2011 | arab states, blogpost, commentary, corruption, egypt, global integrity, marocco, pakistan, public opinion, yemen

The study by Global Integrity says corruption risks increased in Egypt, some Middle Eastern, North African and Eastern European nations before this year's popular uprisings that swept the region...