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Blog Post: Toward a Big Data Revolution for Sustainable Development

20 February 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, measurement, sustainable dev

In choosing the term ‘revolution’, it is clear that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s High Level Panel sought to convey the magnitude of the data-driven transformation required for effective...

Leaving no one behind: improving data to monitor progress in slum areas

12 February 2014 | data deficit, indicators, measurement, post-2015, poverty, urban governance, well-being

Let’s say we wanted to find out whether poor people in slums have seen improvements in their living conditions over the past 15 years. It should be pretty straightforward, right? Looking at how slum...

Opinion: 3 reasons 'governance' should not only be a stand-alone development goal

07 February 2014 | governance, measurement, post-2015, sdg

Better governance is increasingly recognised as a key driver of development. So much so that a number of organisations and states are lobbying for a 'stand-alone' governance goal to be included in...

Blog-post: Data revolution for Sustainable Development

03 February 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, goals, measurement, post-2015, targets

The call of the UN’s High Level Panel on Post-2015 for a ‘data revolution’ is gaining momentum. But what does this call for a data revolution mean?  It means many things:   building on the wealth...

Blog-post: How should we measure quality of life in urban centres?

31 January 2014 | blogpost, indicators, measure progress, measurement, urban governance

This blog, written by David Satterthwaite with the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), discusses what indicators are needed in order to assess the quality of life of the...

Blog-post: Unpacking the data revolution at the country level

22 January 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, goals, indicators, measurement, post-2015, targets

As the 2015 target date of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaches, deliberations and negotiations are intensifying on what the successor framework should be.   As this blog series is...

Blog-post: A focus on national capacity is needed

08 January 2014 | blogpost, data, data-revolution, evidence-based, measurement, post-2015

Whereas several blogs in this series have highlighted the need for more frequent collection of data and the exploration of different sources of data and information, it is often the absence of a...

Blog-post: Its eighty years since GDP was first developed, time for a different measure of national success?

07 January 2014 | blogpost, economic growth, gdp, measurement, post-2015, well-being

The global economic downturn has created something of an obsession with getting back to economic growth. Yet, on its own, growth is an incomplete guide to the wellbeing of a country. Indeed, the...

What to measure: the challenge for the data revolution

15 November 2013 | data, data-revolution, measurement, post-2015

Just last week, a group of scholars and practitioners from both the sustainability and development arenas came together in Colombo to discuss South Asian priorities for the post-2015 development...

Guest Post l We must end the world's data divide

04 November 2013 | blogpost, data, mdgs, measure progress, measurement, open data

The constrasting quality of data collected by different countries must be addressed, says Michael Green in this guest post responding to the open data index. This week the Open Knowledge Foundation...

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