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Nicaragua presenta en feria regional experiencia parlamentaria de cooperación Sur-Sur

14 May 2012 | event, nicaragua, south-south, spanish

Panamá, 10 de mayo, 2012/ Saber del Sur es la feria regional de cooperación Sur-Sur, organizada por el Gobierno de Panamá con el apoyo del Sistema de las Naciones Unidas, coordinada por el PNUD, que...

Nicaragua draws from Paraguay’s experience to improve the monitoring capacity of its National Assembly

30 September 2010 | indicators, latin america, nicaragua, paraguay, parliament, regional exchange, undp-supported

Latin American countries, regardless of their size and development level, have a lot to learn from each other’s democratic processes. Nicaragua proved to appreciate the value of intra-...

Panama: Regional exchange on how to measure governance in Latin America and the Caribbean

23 June 2010 | argentina, barbados, bolivia, brazil, caribbean, chile, el salvador, latin america, mexico, nicaragua, panama, paraguay, rblac, regional workshop, undp-supported, workshop

Many countries of this region are celebrating the bicentenary of their independence and around twenty years of freedom from authoritarian regimes. But at this time of rememberance of their...