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Bangladesh: citizens doubt performance of politicians

24 October 2012 | bangladesh, citizens feedback, methodology, perceptions, performance audit, political accountability, public opinion, survey

A new survey on the performance of MPs by Transparency International Bangladesh is creating a media storm nationally and elsewhere.  The report irked the government with its ground breaking...

EU: The quality of political institutions within a member state can influence the extent to which citizens perceive the EU as being democratic

09 October 2012 | democracy, eu, europe, institutions, perceptions, public opinion

Opinions on the EU’s democratic performance vary widely across the 27 member states. While citizens in some states are highly critical of the EU’s institutions, others view them much more positively...

Views amidst violence: can perception surveys improve aid in fragile states? - Events - Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

08 June 2012 | conflict, fragility, methodology, perceptions

Aid policy and programming in fragile and conflict-affected situations often assumes that investing in improved service delivery, justice and security can contribute to state-building and peace-...

Democracy Perception Survey (Bangladesh): Good news for democracy, bad news for political establishment | Opinion

16 April 2012 | asia pacific, bangladesh, commentary, democracy, methodology, perception survey, perceptions, public opinion, survey

April 3: When asked, what they perceive about democracy in Bangladesh, many participants, in a survey, initially declined to respond. A question, as complex as this one, might have put them in an...

Corruption on the rise in Europe | space for transparency

28 February 2012 | cis, corruption, europe, perceptions, press release, public opinion

A public opinion survey finds that corruption is a major problem across the European Union. The survey was published today by the European Commission. Two – thirds of Europeans believe corruption is...

Call for Proposals: Latin American Public Opinion Project (LAPOP, 5 April 2011)

05 April 2011 | call for proposals, funding, latin america, opportunity, perceptions, public opinion, spanish

LAPOP, with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is pleased to announce a call for proposals for small grants for research on discrimination,...

Report: Household Corruption in Mongolia Drops to Record Low (Asia Foundation, 16 Dec 2010)

16 December 2010 | asia pacific, corruption, mongolia, perceptions, survey

On December 9, The Asia Foundation's Mongolia office released its 10th Corruption Benchmarking Survey (CBS), the only tool that measures both public perceptions of institutional corruption, and the...

Asia Foundation Releases 2010 Afghan Public Opinion Poll (Asia Foundation, 9 Nov 2010)

09 November 2010 | afghanistan, asia pacific, corruption, fragility, perceptions, public opinion, publication, survey

More than 6,000 citizens across all 34 provinces surveyed on security, development, economy, government, corruption, and women’s issues The Asia Foundation today released findings from its most...

Blogpost: Measuring Corruption in Kenya (End Poverty, 11 Nov 2010)

09 November 2010 | anti-corruption, blogpost, corruption, methodology, perceptions

Corruption is clearly happening in Kenya, and it involves not only the public sector, but also the private sector and civil society.  It is certainly a drag on economic growth and poverty reduction...

Publication: Corruption and Trust: Theoretical Considerations and Evidence From Mexico (Vanderbilt, 27 Sept 2010)

27 September 2010 | corruption, latin america, mexico, perceptions, publication, study

The growing empirical literature on political corruption shows trust (interpersonal and political) to be both cause and consequence of corruption: a conclusion that largely builds on studies using...

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