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Post-2015 Event: Debating the Post-2015 Data Revolution: will technology or better institutions make more of a difference?

26 March 2014 | big data, data-revolution, ict, post-2015, technology

The High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda first called for a “data revolution” in May 2013. Since then, a broad and numerous chorus of voices have echoed the need to...

Post-2015: Without massive public engagement, there can be no data revolution

21 March 2014 | blogpost, civ engagement, data-revolution, open data, post-2015

In 2013, the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel pointed to a set of ‘transformational shifts’ that could serve as markers for ongoing debate on the scope of the global development agenda after...

Post-2015: What’s behind the demand for governance?

12 March 2014 | global assessment, good governance, post-2015, targets

The United Nations My World survey of people’s priorities for the future shows that voters from around the world care deeply about ‘an honest and responsive government’ – almost as much as ‘a good...

Good Governance as a Post-2015 Millennium Development Goal

11 March 2014 | economic dev, good governance, indicators, post-2015

The World Bank noted, in a 1989 report, that “underlying the litany of Africa’s development problems is a crisis of governance.” Although matters have improved since 1989, lower debt and more...

Investments to End Poverty - A Call for More and Better Data. What Does this Mean and Why Does it Matter?

05 March 2014 | data collection, data-revolution, post-2015, poverty reduction

The debate is no longer is about whether the private sector has a role to play in ending poverty but how. Over the course of this week, we have explored where business can do more to end poverty.  ...

From stocktaking to negotiation - The final phase of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals

27 February 2014 | goals, post-2015, sdgs, south-south, targets

Now that the eighth and final stocktaking session of the Open Working Group (OWG) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has taken place, the more ‘friendly’ phase of the post-2015 process seems to...

Post-2015: The illuminating – and perhaps alarming – results of a huge survey answered by 1.4 million people around the world

21 February 2014 | dev goals, global assessment, post-2015, public-consultation, survey

Thursday, the United Nations is releasing some of the results of what is thought to be its largest global survey ever, part of a worldwide initiative called MyWorld2015. The idea behind the survey,...

Public Consultation on Indicators for Sustainable Development – UNSDSN wants your comments!

20 February 2014 | indicators, post-2015, public-consultation, sdgs, sustainable dev

Following the release of UN SDSN’s report, An Action Agenda for Sustainable Development in June 2013 on the post-2015 framework, it has released a new draft report with an integrated framework of 100...

Leaving no one behind: improving data to monitor progress in slum areas

12 February 2014 | data deficit, indicators, measurement, post-2015, poverty, urban governance, well-being

Let’s say we wanted to find out whether poor people in slums have seen improvements in their living conditions over the past 15 years. It should be pretty straightforward, right? Looking at how slum...

Opinion: 3 reasons 'governance' should not only be a stand-alone development goal

07 February 2014 | governance, measurement, post-2015, sdg

Better governance is increasingly recognised as a key driver of development. So much so that a number of organisations and states are lobbying for a 'stand-alone' governance goal to be included in...

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