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Nigeria’s Champion for Data-Driven Decision Making

19 September 2012 | advocacy, africa, commentary, data, nigeria, nso, presenting data, statistics, visualisation

Today, Nigeria is in the midst of implementing its Vision 2020, one of Africa’s most ambitious national development plans. Designed to grow Nigeria into one of the world’s 20 largest economies...

Registration now open: Data visualisation training courses

17 September 2012 | advocacy, data, opportunity, presenting data, visualisation

I recently announced the dates of my forthcoming schedule of public training courses and now you can register to book your place on these events. The schedule is repeated below. To register simply...

Publication / Blogpost: Does budget transparency flatter to deceive? Evidence from Brazil (Open Budgets Blog, 4 Nov 2010)

08 November 2010 | blogpost, brazil, budget, latin america, participatory mechanisms, presenting data, publication, social accountability, transparency

Does budget transparency flatter to deceive? Arguing that the public has a right to information about government finances is fairly easy. One can use tax payer status, Bills of Rights etc to do this...

Blogpost: Corruption Evidence Communication and Advocacy Strategies from Bantay Kurapsyon (CommGAP, 3 Nov 2010)

04 November 2010 | advocacy, communication, media, presenting data, publication, radio, social accountability

“Research on political participation has identified a number of deep-seated norms and values that are positively associated with the amount and quality of democratic engagement,” explains Delli...

Publication: Communicating research for evidence-based policymaking. A practical guide for researchers (EC, 5 Oct 2010)

05 October 2010 | evidence-based, presenting data, publication, research

In today’s enlarged European Union, the demand for policy-relevant evidence is greater than ever before. Policymakers need accurate and timely input from the research community in order to assess...

Blogpost: Tools for Transparency: Google Fusion Tables (Sulight Foundation, 3 Sept 2010)

03 September 2010 | blogpost, data, presenting data, web resource

Just look at any one of Sunlight’s projects and you’ll realize that it takes a mountain of data to help keep government open and transparent.  From district information to campaign expenditures to...

Blogpost: Technology for Transparency: Five Lessons Learned (Global Voices, 27 Aug 2010)

27 August 2010 | blogpost, presenting data, web resource

As we move into the second phase of the Technology for Transparency Network, Renata Avila and I have been working on a better mechanism for categorizing and sorting the dozens of organizations...

Review: Gapminder Desktop (Read Write Web, 24 Aug 2010)

24 August 2010 | commentary, presenting data, review, toolkit, visualisation

Last month Hans Rosling, the Swedish global health professor, statician and sword swallower released a desktop version of Gapminder World, his mesmerizing data visualization tool. Named one of ...

Visualisation of EU funds helps to fight corruption in the EU (Spaces for Transparency, 18 Aug 2010)

20 August 2010 | aid effectiveness, assessment of donors, donors, europe, fiscal transparency, presenting data, visualisation

Click on the map for the full size image (>4 MB); explanations in the text What you see above is a visualisation to who (some of the) EU funds were awarded in 2009*. It is just a little experiment...

Indieprojector Makes it Easy to Map Your Geographical Data

18 August 2010 | presenting data, web resource

Axis Maps recently released indieprojector, a new component to indiemapper, their in-development mapping project to "bring traditional cartography into the 21st century." Indieprojector lets you...

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