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New Resource l Lessons Learned: Global Programme on Governance Assessment

10 December 2012 | governance assessment, governance performance, lessons learned, oslo2011, publication, undp-supported

On the heels of the Oslo Governance Forum, UNDP  convened projects supported by  the  Global  Programme  on  Governance  Assessments  from  around  the  world.  This one-day workshop collected and...

New Resource l Outcome Report: Oslo Governance Forum 2011

10 December 2012 | governance assessment, oslo2011, publication, undp-supported

The Oslo Governance Forum, organized by UNDP together with UNDEF, ActionAid, ActAlliance, PRIA, the World Bank Institute and NORAD, gathered 270 policy makers, experts and practitioners from over 75...

New Resources on Conflict and Fragility

30 April 2012 | conflict, fragility, publication

The Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) is working with the UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery and Democratic Governance Group to achieve a better understanding of how governance is working in...

Internet Use and Democratic Demands: A Multinational, Multilevel Model of Internet Use and Citizen Attitudes about Democracy – Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center

16 April 2012 | access-to-info, civ action, comparative, correlation, ict, publication, research, social accountability, study, technology

The global relationship between the Internet and democracy has become a subject of great scholarly interest and debate. Prior research has focused on national Internet penetration and use rates and...

Launch: Gender Equity Index 2012: The gap has not reached an “acceptable” level in any country | Social Watch

12 March 2012 | gender, global index, launch, publication

The achievements made by women all over the world towards equity in education are still very far from making an impact on their having a fair share in the economy or in political power. This can be...

Launch (Bangladesh): Global Corruption Report: Climate Change (26 April 2011, Transparency International)

26 April 2011 | climate, corruption, publication, report

On 30 April 2011 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Transparency International launches the Global Corruption Report: Climate Change, a comprehensive guide to corruption risks in measures to combat climate change...

Publication: Measuring Quality of Government and Sub-National Variation (ACRN, 13 April 2011)

13 April 2011 | europe, local governance, publication, report, well-being

In January, 2011, a report, funded by the EU Commission for Regional Development was published by several scholars at the Quality of Government Institute. In this study, new data was produced at the...

Publication: Handbook on monitoring, evaluating and managing knowledge for policy influence (5 April 2011, Policy"Action Network)

05 April 2011 | evidence-based, knowledge management, m&e, publication

The main purpose of this handbook is to facilitate the investment process of a public research institute in developing a system (from the simplest to the most sophisticated) of monitoring and...

Publication: Guidelines on Citizens` Engagement for Development Management and Public Governance (UNPAN, 4 April 2011)

04 April 2011 | citizen monitoring, m&e, publication, social accountability

"...As there is no one-size-fits-all model of citizen engagement, these guidelines do not offer any strict prescriptions. However, they intend to provide national government policymakers with...

Publication: The Methodology of Subnational Economic Governance Indices (Asia Foundation, 4 April 2011)

04 April 2011 | asia pacific, economic governance, methodology, publication

In a just-released paper, The Asia Foundation’s Nina Merchant-Vega and University of California San Diego’s Edmund J. Malesky examine the unexpected effects and implications of pioneering Economic...

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