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Seminar l What happens when big data meets official statistics?

07 December 2012 | big data, debate, nat statistical offices, open data, seminar, statistics

What happens when big data meets official statistics?  Big data is a broad term applied to the types of data that exhibit certain characteristics (high volume, variety, and frequency) as well as the...

Seminar: Politics and Governance

22 March 2012 | event, methodology, opportunity, political economy, seminar

Most measures of governance appear to focus on the situation of the average citizen, operating under the implicit assumption that societies offer the same level of governance to all citizens. In...

Seminario (6-10 sept, Buenos Aires): Taller Internacional: Las Cartas Iberoamericanas como Herramientas para la Gobernanza — Centro Latinoamericano de Administración para el Desarrollo (CLAD, 24 Aug 2010)

24 August 2010 | event, latin america, seminar, spanish

En el marco del programa académico de la Escuela Iberoamericana de Administración y Políticas Públicas (EIAPP), se abre el período de recepción de postulaciones para el "Seminario - Taller...

Oslo seminar: How can human rights be measured?

27 June 2010 | conference, human rights, index, indicators, norwegian centre for human rights, ohchr, seminar, unicef

The idea that it would be possible to literally measure human rights fulfillment through some Index similar to the Human Development Index (HDI) has stimulated quite a bit of debate worldwide....

Oslo University debate: How country-based can democracy assessments be?

19 March 2010 | conference, debate, democracy, democracy assessment, seminar, workshop

On 15 and 16 January 2010, Oslo University opened the floor for lively debates between academicians, practitioners and students on various aspects of democracy with the conference called “...