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Post-2015 Event: Debating the Post-2015 Data Revolution: will technology or better institutions make more of a difference?

26 March 2014 | big data, data-revolution, ict, post-2015, technology

The High-level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Development Agenda first called for a “data revolution” in May 2013. Since then, a broad and numerous chorus of voices have echoed the need to...

Free webinar series: Part 2 How can the transparency of political finance be enhanced when we don’t have reliable government data?

25 February 2014 | data, election, political financing, technology, tools, transparency, webinar

Money is an inescapable part of political campaigns all around the world. And while many governments commit themselves to openness, a vital piece of the transparency agenda--party and campaign...

How Cities Could Use Wi-Fi for Better Services

02 October 2013 | monitoring, public transport, smartphones, technology, urban governance

Cities looking to improve transportation and other services need look no further than their residents' Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones. Cities seeking more information to improve their services need look...

Blogpost l When do Transparency and Accountability Initiatives have impact?

13 September 2013 | budget monitoring, citizen engagement, governance, service delivery, social accountability, technology

So having berated ODI about opening up access to its recent issue of the Development Policy Review on Transparency and Accountability Initiatives (TAIs), I really ought to review the overview piece...

Blog Post l Could Civic Crowdfunding Improve Governance in the Middle East?

21 August 2013 | arab states, blogpost, citizen monitoring, crowd-sourced, economic dev, egypt, governance, mobile phones, netherlands, service delivery, technology, usa

Earlier this month, in an attempt to escape the heat wave afflicting Washington DC, I sought refuge on a bus awkwardly packed with well-dressed commuters. Almost all of the commuters were looking...

M-government? – Innovations from Punjab | Governance for Development

26 June 2013 | blogpost, citizen monitoring, citizen reporting, ict, mobile phones, public service delivery, technology

Two recent blogs (Mobile Apps for Health, Jobs and Poverty Data  and Transformational Use of ICTs in Africa) talked about how mobile applications facilitate access to services in the financial, trade...

Can ICT change how democracies function?

19 June 2013 | citizen engagement, democratic accountability, ict, podcast, political accountability, responsive governance, technology

ICT provides new ways for governments and citizens to interact. Listen in on how technology is changing the way democracies function, and how to support political institutions (particularly in...

Blogpost l Serbian citizens take on corruption in the health sector

17 June 2013 | accountability, blogpost, citizen reporting, health sector, initiative, technology

In Serbia, the health system is publicly financed from obligatory health insurance. It promises universal medical coverage for everyone.   However, for many reasons, some physicians take bribes from...

Using household surveys to start a data revolution and tackle social inequality

13 June 2013 | data-revolution, household survey, online debate, post-2015, poverty, social progress, technology

The post-2015 report calls for quality data to be made available to governments. While modern technologies are useful, do not neglect the workhorse of data collection – the household survey. Last...

China l Hospital Reforms in Rural China Increased Patient Satisfaction

10 June 2013 | asia pacific, checklist, health sector, monitoring, performance evaluation, public service delivery, service quality, technology

In 2009, the Chinese government launched healthcare reforms to fix its health service system which was plagued by high costs and poor quality of care. With support from the World Bank/DFID -funded...

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