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2014 Land and Poverty Conference: Integrating Land Governance into the Post-2015 Agenda

27 March 2014 | agriculture, gender, land governance, land rights, transparency

Every year the World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty brings together representatives from governments, civil society, academia, the development community, and the private sector to discuss issues...

Parliamentary websites, transparency and the quality of democracy

03 March 2014 | civ society participation, communication, governance quality, transparency, web resource

Parliamentary websites can help people engage with elected representatives and the democratic process. Devin Joshi and Erica Rosenfield have been comparing the websites of legislatures across the...

Free webinar series: Part 2 How can the transparency of political finance be enhanced when we don’t have reliable government data?

25 February 2014 | data, election, political financing, technology, tools, transparency, webinar

Money is an inescapable part of political campaigns all around the world. And while many governments commit themselves to openness, a vital piece of the transparency agenda--party and campaign...

Introducing the 2014 Honesty Oscars, hosted by Accountability Lab

25 February 2014 | corruption, global indices, infographic, transparency

This week, ONE and Accountability Lab bring you the 2014 Honesty Oscars. Each day this week, we’ll bring you a different category of contenders, from Visual Effects to Best Picture – people and...

South Korea Has Moved Backwards in Democratic Freedoms, a New Report Finds - Korea Real Time - WSJ

19 February 2014 | accountability, asia pacific, blogpost, ogp, open data, transparency

If technology makes governments more open and accountable, South Korea should be among the world’s greatest successes. This is increasingly not so, according to the findings of a draft progress...

Post-2015: The Right to Know: A Global Goal

06 February 2014 | good governance, governance, post-2015, sdgs, sustainable dev, transparency

In a statement released today, the Center for Effective Government joined nearly 200 organizations from around the world in calling for the right to know to be enshrined as a global goal for...

Pakistan: Holding the Government Accountable

05 February 2014 | access-to-info, asia pacific, election, political accountability, scorecard, transparency

For the first time since its independence in 1947, Pakistan saw its first ever peaceful transition from one democratically elected government to another in 2013.  While this was a remarkable success...

Corruption in the Philippines: Survey of Business Execs Reveals 'Mixed’ Findings

23 January 2014 | accountability, asia pacific, corruption assessment, governance, methodology, transparency

On January 15, the results of the latest “SWS Survey of Enterprises on Corruption” were released during an afternoon session of the Good Governance Summit 2014. The previous survey in 2012 showed an...

Blog post: The road to 2015 is paved with open data

17 January 2014 | aid, blogpost, data-revolution, open data, post-2015, transparency

Transparency is a key pillar of sustainable development: an essential piece of the puzzle to enable effectiveness, accountability and social change. And in recent years, information on aid spending...

Blog-post: Transparency and governance in the land sector: two sides of the same coin?

09 January 2014 | accountability, agriculture, blogpost, governance, odi, transparency, water

Land transparency has been on the public agenda again since the G8 summit in June this year. Two events in the same week in October showcased the issue: the Open Government Partnership annual summit...

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