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Unpacking The 2013 Human Development Index

23 May 2013 | debate, dev index, global index, hdi, south-south, undp

The UNDP claims ‘the Rise of the South’ is having a significant impact on economic growth and societal change. In a notable challenge to the gloom of recession in the West and all the continuing and...

Vacancy l International Consultant - Assessment of Informal Governance Systems in Yemen (Deadline: 14.12.2012)

06 December 2012 | consultancy, informal governance, undp, vacancy, yemen

With the signing of the peace initiative and its implementation mechanism sponsored by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and facilitated by the United Nations in November 2011, Yemen has embarked on...

Launch l Open Data at the UNDP

29 November 2012 | database, democratic governance, lanuch, open data, undp

The UNDP launched an open data browser ( today, implementing its voluntary commitment to International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), an initiative to make aid information easier...

Vacancy (Iraq): Programme Specialist, Empowering CSOs Projects

06 July 2012 | arab states, csos, iraq, opportunity, undp, vacancy

UNDP and UNOPS will work on support to Iraqi Civil Society under project, funded by the Government of Denmark, “Empowering CSOs in Iraq”. UNDP will work on empowering CSOs to effectively monitor...

Launch: Global Parliamentary Report | Agora Portal

10 April 2012 | global index, launch, parliament, report, undp

In July 2010, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) decided to jointly produce the first ever Global Parliamentary Report, in order to provide an...

Fast Facts on Democratic Governance Assessments

26 January 2011 | brochure, fast facts, governance assessment, publication, undp

An issue of UNDP's "Fast Facts" series has been published on democratic governance assessments. It provides a two-page overview of UNDP's democratic governance assessments...

Users’ Guide to Civil Society Assessments

24 January 2011 | civ society, guide, publication, undp, users' guide

In continuation of the Users’ Guides series created by the Global Programme with 8 Guides published so far – in addition to training packages and communication packages associated to...

Launch: Human Development Index 2010 (UNDP, 5 nov 2010)

08 November 2010 | global index, human dev, report, undp

The report, now in its 20th year, introduces the new Human Development Index (HDI), a composite measure of progress in education, health and income,...

Vacancy: Consultant " Assessment of Status of Governance in Ghana (UNDP, 15 Aug 2010)

18 August 2010 | undp, vacancy

Over the past decade Ghana has been acknowledged as one of the countries in the sub-sahara Africa that is making conscious efforts to further consolidate its democracy and good governance. Democratic...

Vacancy:Consultant " Political Party Capacity Assessment (UNDP, 15 Aug 2010)

18 August 2010 | undp, vacancy

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in January 2005 ended decades of armed conflict between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLM) and paved the way for the...

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