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Parliamentary websites, transparency and the quality of democracy

03 March 2014 | civ society participation, communication, governance quality, transparency, web resource

Parliamentary websites can help people engage with elected representatives and the democratic process. Devin Joshi and Erica Rosenfield have been comparing the websites of legislatures across the...

Russia l Crowdsourcing to Fight Corruption

07 August 2013 | anti-corruption, citizen monitoring, crowd-sourced, europe and cis, web resource, web2.0

A few weeks ago, Russia’s most popular and controversial opposition figure, anti-corruption activist Aleksei Navalny, was tossed in prison on charges of conspiring to steal money from a state owned...

Opportunity l Join the e-Frame Network!

14 November 2012 | measurement, opportunity, web resource, well-being

 NOW it is possible to join the European Network on Measuring Progress, hosted by Wikiprogress. The aim of the Network is to connect stakeholders, practitioners, researchers, civil society...

South Africa l Africa's first fact-check website launched

08 November 2012 | africa, media, monitoring, nat initiative, south africa, web resource

Africa Check, a fact-checking website devised by the AFP Foundation and run in partnership with the journalism department of the University of the Witwatersrand, was launched in Johannesburg on...

Time Distance Progress Chart of MDG implementation

20 September 2012 | mdgs, methodologies, methodology, statistics, visualisation, web resource

Analysis of MDG implementation needs a clear distinction between the progress made in the world in the analysed period and still considerable delays in the implementation of the MDGs. Progress has...

Blogpost: Questions from Paris on Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations

12 July 2012 | blogpost, citizen monitoring, commentary, event, parliament, pmos, web resource

[...] While some organizations have been around for years, it is only recently that an international network of Internet-centric PMOs has begun to coalesce. I was struck by how many organizations...

African Governance Assessment Platform

30 April 2012 | africa, web resource

Building on engagement and demand from the 2011 Africa Forum on Civil Society and Governance  Assessments (, Forum Partners are exploring opportunities to develop the ...

Kazakhstan: Public Monitoring as Tool to Enhance Civil Society

24 April 2012 | cis, citizen monitoring, civ action, civ society, kazakhstan, web resource

Involving people in the work of nongovernmental organizations, as well as broader social processes such as charity, monitoring, and budgetary planning, is among the priorities of the Civil Alliance...

Blogpost: Helping Politicians Keep Their Promises

16 April 2012 | blogpost, commentary, executive, latin america, parliament, performance review, technology, web resource

[...] When I sat down with Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente Director Felipe Heusser last month to take a look at the new site called “From What Was Said to What Was Done“, my first question was: “is...

Opportunity: DevInfo Initiative Announces Call for DevInfo 7.0 Beta Testers

03 April 2012 | data-centric, database system, open access, software, web resource, web-application

The Global DevInfo Initiative remains on track to launch a new version of the DevInfo database system – DevInfo 7.0 – in mid-2012. DevInfo 7.0 will be a cross-browser compatible web application...

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