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Regional Initiatives

These pages aim to provide resources and guidance with regards to assessing governance within specific regions, such as in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe or Latin America.
Often countries within the same region face similar governance challenges and opportunities. Governance assessments that take regional dimensions into account may sometimes provide more insight and better evaluations, depending on the measuring needs.

Much can be learned from comparing a country's performance with that of others. Regional averages as well as neighbouring countries may often provide useful yardsticks. More politically relevant information, as well as a sense of regional competitiveness, may be gained from regional measuring initiatives than compared with global initiatives.
Within the respective regions and their sub-regions governance assessments can be tailored to evaluate government plans, inform on progress or offer evidence-based recommendations.
These pages have been developed to assist users to do exactly this.
For each region listed users can find:

  • Measurement tools and assessment frameworks
  • Knowledge products and publications produced by a wide variety of organisations and stakeholders
  • Examples of regional initiatives for measuring
  • Organizations that work with assessing governance within the respective region

Examples of Regional Initiatives

Media and Access to Information in Southeast Asia

In its work area on "Culture, democracy and development", and going back to the 'New Information Order' and the struggle for the right to inform and be informed in the 1970s, the...

Racism and Intolerance

ECRI is an independent human rights monitoring body of the Council of Europe composed of independent experts from all 45 Council of Europe member States.   ECRI monitors phenomena of...

Saint-Petersburg Center for Humanities and Political Studies-Annual Report

The main activities of the Center are (according to the current programs):   Regional Ombudsmen and Human Rights: development of the Ombudsmen and others state and public organizations...

Supervision of the Execution of Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is the only example at international level where there is a systematic control of the execution by the State concerned of the decisions of the treaty...


Latinobarómetro nació en 1988 con un estudio piloto en cuatro países del Cono Sur Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay y Chile, sobre las bases sociales de las nuevas democracias. Debido...