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A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption

UNDP & Global Integrity
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A Users' Guide to Measuring Corruption, jointly produced by UNDP and Global Integrity, is one of the first attempts to explore how best to use existing tools to measure what is increasingly viewed as one of the major impediments to development: corruption.

A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption is targeted at national stakeholders, donors and international actors involved in corruption measurement and anti-corruption programming. It explains the strengths and limitations of different measurement approaches, and provides practical guidance on how to use the indicators and data generated by corruption measurement tools to identify entry points for anti-corruption programming.

This guide is the amalgamation of more than 30 interviews with individuals from dozens of countries who are working on corruption and governance reforms, including government officials, development practitioners, donor representatives and multilateral specialists. Their feedback is summarized in Chapter 2 and it highlights many of the Good Practices as described in Chapter 3.