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Access To Basic Social Services: An Evaluation From The Viet Nam Household Living Standard Surveys

Cuong Nguyen & Long Giang
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Munich Personal RePEc Archive

This study aims to evaluate access to social services of the most vulnerable groups of Vietnamese people, as well as propose some policy recommendations for improving targeting mechanisms for the social protection system in Viet Nam. We will use the Viet Nam Household Living Standard Surveys in 2000s to pursue these research objectives. In particular, we will focus on following social services: (1) school; (2) health care; (3) pension and allowances; (4) housing conditions; (5) clean water and sanitation; (6) durables; (7) electricity; (8) support programs; and (9) infrastructure. The most vulnerable groups include: (1) children; (2) the elderly; (3) ethnic minority people; and (4) the poor. All indicators representing access to social services of these people will be disaggregated into gender, areas, and regions.