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Are statistics the orphans of aid effectiveness? Supporting statistics to strengthen rather than dilute results management

Mary Strode & Ian MacAuslan
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Oxford Policy Management

Based on a 2008 study on the effectiveness of donor support to statistical capacity building (SCB), in the context of Paris Declaration Commitments to managing for development results, this briefing note develops the case for giving support to , while critiquing the modalities of current donor involvement with SCB. Since official statistics.

Since official statistics are demanded not only by users in the countries that produce them, but also by international users, setting priorities is particularly tricky. Donor supported programmes can often be unbalanced  - with national statistical agencies being used as a data collection agents serving donor data needs, rather than setting the agenda in line with nationally determined needs – for example for routine economic series.
This note assesses progress towards rebalancing this agenda in favour of partner country priorities, and makes recommendations as to what more needs to be done to make SCB work more effectively.