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Assessing Governance to achieving Health and Education Goals – Discussion Paper

Oslo Governance Centre - GAP
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The Governance Assessment Framework (GAF) presented in this paper proposes a wide range of methods for assessing the governance inputs and outcomes in the health and education sectors. At a time when new Sustainable Human Development Goals for a post-2015 context are being considered, lessons learned from MDG monitoring processes, whether related to extent of monitoring, types of indicators used, stakeholders involved, or the findings related to governance bottlenecks, can be very useful in informing the new agenda. The GAF presented in this paper aims to delve deeper and gather more nuanced information, by providing a set of tools with which to diagnose and monitor a range of governance problems that are specific to the health and education sectors. It presents simple assessment methods that can be used by national stakeholders to conduct diagnostics of governance obstacles that affect specific social sector outcomes. The GAF aims to help assess to what extent certain deprivations or disparities in health and education sectors can be traced back to specific public policy failures, which in turn may be driven by governance problems.