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Capacity for results management: a guide for conducting rapid assessment of the capacity of developing member countries to manage for results

Asian Developement Bank
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Asian Developement Bank


This guide describes an approach for rapid assessment of a country's capacity for results management. It is constructed on five building blocks that constitute the key factors that influence the demand for results management, namely, improving performance, increasing efficiency, and enhancing the effectiveness of the machinery of government. Each building block addresses important issues of prerequisites for a successful results management system. By posing questions related to these building blocks, the guide provides a broad picture of the relative strengths and weaknesses of a country's capacity to manage for results. 



The guide highlights a number of key points, including:
  • It is only when objectives are linked to decision making on planning and managing government projects and programs that they have consequences for actual service delivery
  • Indicators are signposts along the path of change and are equally important to outcomes, outputs and inputs
  • A performing state is one that continually assesses its condition and adjusts how and what it does in response to new information 
  • Results-managment is fundamentally preconditioned by the degree of demand and ownership, particularly the committment and leadership of a country's policy-level decision makers.