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CD-ROM Electoral System Design

International IDEA
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International IDEA


CD-ROM Electoral System Design - Download Free of Charge

Since 1997, the Handbook on Electoral System Design has been the cornerstone of International IDEA's work in the promotion of sustainable electoral processes worldwide. In 2005, a thoroughly revised and updated version, Electoral System Design: The New International IDEA Handbook, was published.

The Handbook describes which electoral systems have proven advantageous for specific cultural, social and economic conditions, and how electoral systems can increase participation, reach out to minorities and help instill faith in a sceptical electorate.

This CD-ROM presents full text versions of the Handbook in five languages: English, Spanish, Nepali, Russian and Kyrgyz. Translations into Burmese, Arabic and French of the 1997 edition of the handbook are also included, together with an introduction page in Spanish, a world map of electoral systems and other related materials.