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China Urban Services and Governance

Hana Brixi
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World Bank

The study addresses governance challenges in public service delivery in China. It builds on the citizen scorecard survey conducted in five Chinese cities in 2006 to gauge citizens’ experience with public services, and demonstrates the usefulness of citizens’ feedback for policy development and implementation.

Public service delivery has drawn government attention in China. China has a long tradition of providing access to basic public services and achieving human development indicators that are higher than expected for a country at its level of economic development. Over the past 30 years, China’s economic development has been spectacular, lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty and raising average per capita income to the level of lower-middleincome countries. Analyses suggest, however, that the improvements in human development outcomes during this time period have been somewhat slower compared to the preceding 30 years and compared to the rates of improvement that would be expected to accompany such high levels of economic growth.