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Economic and Social Rights Fulfillment Index: Country Scores and Rankings

Susan Randolph et al.
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Human Rights Institute


Building on previously proposed methodology for an index of economic and social rights fulfillment, this paper presents country scores and rankings based on the Economic and Social Rights Fulfillment Index (ESRF Index).
Unlike socio-economic indicators, which are often used as proxies for the extent to which rights-holders enjoy economic and social rights, the ESRF Index incorporates the perspective of the duty-bearer as well as the rights-holder, and takes into account the concept of progressive realization. The resulting scores and rankings provide important new information that complements other measures of economic and social rights fulfillement.
The ESRF Index is an important conceptual an methodological breakthrough although is still does not capture all key human rights principles, such as the right to non-discrimination and equality. The paper also analyzes the results of the global ranking and outlines some priorities for further research.