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Electricity Governance in Tajikistan: Applying the EGI Indicator Toolkit to Tajikistan

EGI Tajikistan
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The report details the preliminary findings and recommendations of the electricity governance assessment of transparency, accountability and public participation in Tajikistan’s electricity sector.  The “The Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) Tajikistan working group used a subset of 32 indicators from the EGI toolkit to assess the governance strengths and weaknesses of legislative, executive and regulatory processes.

The assessment focuses particularly on regulatory structures and tariff making.  The indicators suggest that the fragmentation of regulatory responsibilities over several ministries makes for weak accountability, and further that the ministries themselves have little authority over important decisions. This lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities means that locating key documents becomes an uncertain process at best.

 The document is intended for a wide range of public, policy makers, business representatives, government and non-government organizations.
This document was prepared by a group of national experts in the framework of the Economic and Business Development Program of the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan, in partnership with the World Resources Institute (USA) and Prayas Energy Group (India), and with the financial support of the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Tajikistan and the Central Eurasia Program of the Open Society Institute, New York.