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Human Rights and the MDGs in Practice: A review of country strategies and reporting

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In Claiming the Millennium Development Goals it was recommended that States should align MDG targets and indicators with international human rights standards. There was strong emphasis on aligning them closely with the relevant economic and social rights obligations, and on ensuring that the targets and indicators address the human rights of women and excluded groups.
The publication attempts to complement the analytical framework provided in Claiming the Millennium Development Goal with empirical evidence and country analysis. Both publications are, therefore, intended to serve as a timely contribution to ongoing international debates on the Goals and human rights, as well as to national and global development action in the next five years and beyond the 2015 target date. The recent global food, fuel, climate and financial crises naturally compound the challenges of analysis. Data age even more rapidly in these circumstances. However, the purpose of this publication is not to evaluate, but merely to illustrate what it means in practice to integrate human rights in MDG monitoring and MDG-based development strategies.