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Millennium Development Goals: advances in Environmentally Sustainable Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

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When they adopted the Millennium Declaration, the 189 States Members of the United Nations made a commitment to take on the world’s principal development challenges and to combat extreme poverty. This led to the establishment of the Millennium Development Goals, of which the seventh aims to “ensure environmental sustainability”. This consists of the environmental dimension (inseparable yet distinguishable) of sustainable development: meeting present human needs without compromising the environment’s capacity to meet such needs in the long term.  A review of the official indicators of the seventh Millennium Development Goal for Latin America and the Caribbean points to progress since 1990, but also to setbacks. Throughout this report, the indicators are analysed in depth, within the socio-economic and institutional context and against the backdrop of climate change. The final chapter sets out some guidelines for progressing towards the achievement of the targets corresponding to the seventh Goal.