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OGC Framework Paper: Democratic Governance Indicators and UNDP Human Development Reports

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This paper provides an overview of national human development reports that focus on democratic governance and that use governance indicators to underpin   analysis.   The publication presents ten case  studies of human development reports from different regions that focus on different democratic  governance   dimensions  and  that  adopt  different  methods, tools and approaches of measuring governance.  The aim in presenting case  studies  is  to  illustrate  to  NHDR  country  teams  that  are  preparing governance HDRs and other practitioners the diversity of governor indicator  usage  and  data  collection,  as  well  as  some  of  the  strengths  and weaknesses of these different approaches  A major recommendation in the publication is to use the opportunity of NHDR preparation to support the strengthening of national capacities to monitor governance indicators on a sustainable and continual basis.