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Paraguay: Governance Assessments - Project Assessment

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Authors/Editors: Andrew Nickson

This report is published by the UNDP Democratic Governance Group through the Oslo Governance Centre, with funding from the UNDP Democratic Governance
Thematic Trust Fund.

This publication presents the findings of the review of the DGTTF-funded project System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Democratic Governance in Paraguay. The project was implemented over 15 months from March 2008 to June 2009.
This review assesses the extent to which the project was innovative and catalytic in the Paraguayan context. It considers what has made the project succeed or fail, and why. And it informs UNDP’s future strategic policy and programme planning processes in the democratic governance focus areas. The project was carried out under the ‘national execution’ modality, with the Congress as implementing agency and the President of the Senate as overall project director. It aimed
to support a national process of monitoring and evaluating democratic governance in Paraguay.

The report is divided into four sections:

  • A country Context
  • An outline of the activities of the System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Democratic Governance in Paraguay
  • The impact of the project
  • A discussion about learned lessons from the review and some recommendations for the future