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Planning a Governance Assessment: A Guide to Approaches, Costs and Benefits

UNDP Oslo Governance Centre
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Providing an overview of options, this guide advises on how to operationalize a country-led assessment based on the strategic principles of ownership and inclusive participation.

This guide examines the basic issues that a country or organization should consider when developing and producing a governance assessment. It is by no means the “last word”, but should serve as a starting point and outline for those interested in conducting a country-led governance assessment. The paper explains the trade-offs of various approaches and methodologies in terms of quality and costs. At the same time, it provides some basic background on the technical aspects of conducting a governance assessment.Topics are discussed in simple language in the hope that readers without much research experience will be able to grasp the fundamentals.
This guide attempts to answer the rather complex question: how can country-led governance assessments be carried out with broad stakeholder participation at a reasonable cost, and at the same time produce meaningful results that can be used by civil society and governments alike? We hope to provide some useful ideas and information needed to answer this question.

This paper is arranged in 12 sections, in a structure that allows readers to easily access the subjects in which they are most interested. Each section provides some basic information on the topic, as well as some guidance on the costs and benefits of various approaches.