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Poverty, Governance and Participation: The Example of Tajikistan

Prof. Dr. Frank Bliss with Institute for Social Antropology of Development and Applied Social Research
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Based on a concise poverty analysis of Tajikistan, Frank Bliss discusses the linkages between governance, stakeholder participation and decision-making processes on poverty alleviation. The paper claims that vested interests of politico-economic elites are still a major obstacle for transparency, but it also points to the lack of capacities in an under-developed civil society.
It thus evaluates participation procedures by the government, but also by Western donors from a critical perspective and also reflects on the limits of applying Western-shaped participation discourses to the specific context of Tajikistan. This is the first of a Working Paper series of a project on "Participation and Development in Central Asia" conducted by INEF (Institute for Development and Peace, Duisburg, Germany).