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Rapid Assessment Report on Governance Indicators Sources and Use in the Philippines

UNDP Oslo Governance Centre
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The report identifies and maps existing governance indicators sources in the country, and assesses the extent to which policy makers make use of them.

This report covers the results of the survey involving 50-150 policy/decision makers to assess the extent to which governance indicators are being used and whether there are differences on how sources are applied at various levels of government. Specifically, it aimed to rapidly assess the use of governance indicators in the following concerns, among others:

i. what (if any) governance indicator sources national policy/decision- makers use in their work;
ii. knowledge and understanding of policy/decision-makers national/global indicator sources;
iii. the needs and attitudes of decision-makers with regard to existing national sources and the potential of developing new sources; and
iv. the strengths and weaknesses/limitations of existing sources and to help inform stakeholders where new data needs to be created.