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Revaluing politics to strengthen democracy: Political Analysis and Prospective Scenarios Project (PAPEP)

UNDP - Latin America and the Caribbean
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This publication summarizes Political Analysis and Prospective Scenarios Project (PAPEP) studies conducted in Latin America and the Carribean. 

For PAPEP, the principal challenge of democracy is to increase the political system’s response capacity in order to satisfy citizen demands, needs and expectations. A PAPEP study consists of four phases: design, data collection, anlysis and devolution.

The PAPEPs have a theoretical-methodological perspective that consists of analyzing potential interactions among actors, based on knowledge of their interests, preferences and capacities, and at the same time an understanding of the structure limiting these interactions, if any. Using different instruments (surveys, focus   groups, interviews with elites), information is collected on the stakeholders’ perceptions and interests and studies are made on the political, economic and social context.