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Self-Assessment Questionnaire the Quality of E-Governance & E-democracy projects/ Fragebogen zur Selbstbewertung der Qualität von E-Government & E-Democracy Projekten

Bertelsmann Stiftung
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Bertelsmann Stiftung


The BEGIX is a self-evaluation tool in German for assessing E-governance.

The 27 questions in the questionnaire is aimed primarily at local authorities, but is designed so that it is suitable for all public institutions in Germany, but may be a source of inspiration for others who wish to conduct a national assessment of E-governance. The first five points revolve around the dimension "Use your e-government presence," the questions 6-11 deal with "efficiency", the questions deal with 12-16 the issue of "participation", aspects 17-22 is directed at "transparency" and the final points 23-27 are focused at "change management".