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Tajikistan: Local Governance and Decentralisation - A project Assessment

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Authors/Editors: Tomislav Novovic

This report contains the findings of a review of three projects, funded by the Democratic Governance Thematic Trust Fund (DGTTF), in Tajikistan in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The projects were part of UNDP’s broad efforts to support the development of local governance and provide assistance to regional development in Tajikistan.

The review examined the projects’ impacts within the context of history and political processes, relating specifically to local governance and regional development. It focused on the projects’ effectiveness, efficiency, innovation, catalytic effect, and sustainability. The report considers key underlying factors, drivers, and future scenarios, which provide a basis for determining the projects’ impact.

The three projects supported through the DGTTF were integrated into a large UNDP Tajikistan poverty, rural development, and local governance portfolio, and were implemented within the Communities Programme framework.

The report is structured in five sections, in the following manner:

  • A country context
  • An analysis of the impact of the DGTTF project"Clean Start for Local Councils – Building Accountability at the Local Level" (2006)
  • An analysis of the impact of the DGTTF project "Building national capacities for implementation of poverty reduction strategies" (2007)
  • An analysis of the impact of the DGTTF project "Building a Framework for Local Planning and Budgeting"(2008)
  • A discussion about learned lessons from the review and some recommendations for the future