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Tracking public resources and measuring informal payments in Bangladesh: Lessons from the Bangladesh Social Sector Performance Surveys

Patrick Ward
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Oxford Policy Management.

Oxford Policy Management has recently undertaken Social Sector Performance Surveys in the Primary and Secondary Education Sectors in Bangladesh. The SSPS assesses whether public resources reach the service providers, and how effectively they deliver key social services.  This briefing note focuses on the key findings and identifies the main lessons learned.

The surveys covered primary and secondary education, primary health care and family planning. They tracked the flow and management of public money and other inputs from central government, through lower levels of government and to their final destination – schools and students or health facilities and their users. They compared what had beenrallotted or recorded as spent by central government with what was reported as received or spent by the recipient individual, facility or office.
The surveys also assessed the volume and quality of services delivered and the factors behind them, including public and private money, human resources and the operation of management systems. The samples consisted of schools and health facilities, their users, and the administrative units that manage and support them.
This briefing note focuses on the findings from the Primary and Secondary Education Sectors.