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This page offers an overview of training resources on governance assessments produced by UNDP as well as other organizations. It also provides an overview of  training providers.

UNDP Traning Materials on Governance Assessments


Training Manual for Measuring Corruption

This training manual, which can be accessed here, offers hands on tools and guidance to measuring corruption at the country level. Based on the Users' Guide to Measuring Corruption (2008) developed by Global Integrity and UNDP, it has been developed to help meet the growing global demand for capacity development in this area. The programme targets stakeholders who would like to learn the basics of corruption assessment methods. The manual itself is written for trainers, and provides step-by-step guidance and materials for adapting and delivering the training in any country. It includes presentation slides, materials for activities, evaluation sheets and facilitation tips. Rather than a rigid programme, it is best used as a menu of training topics and methods that users can adapt.


Communication Package for A Users' Guide to Measuring Local Governance

This Communication Package has been developed for the Users’ Guide to Measuring Local Governance. It is intended as a training aid, and includes presentation slides with talking points, as well as several group activities for applying the concepts and techniques, and for thinking through how these translate into local settings. It can be used for convening structured discussions with country stakeholders who are exploring the possibility of carrying out local governance assessments and who are seeking advice and guidance.


Measuring Democratic Governance: A training module for selecting and using democratic governance indicators that are pro-poor and gender-sensitive

This training consists of a Powerpoint presentation containing overheads and detailed notes for facilitators, handouts and posters for use during the training.


Other Learning Resources on Governance Assessments


Training Providers

The following institutes and organisations offer training in the areas of governance assessment and social monitoring and accountability.

  • GIZ is a German capacity building institute which offers blended-learning (online and face to face) training seminar on Measuring Democracy, Human Rights and Governance. 
  • The Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, part of Maastricht University, has offered an two day "advanced academic update" on the future trends and impacts of governance indicators and assessments.
  • Transparency International - Kenya has begun offering training on Measuring Corruption for Sectoral and Institutional Reforms in Africa.
  • The Hague Academy for Local Governance offers training in Decentralisation and Local Governance, as well as on Using the power of citizens, which include components on social monitoring.
  • Many training institutes and organisations offer training in participatory planning and monitoring and evaluation, including ELD Training, with offices in Asia and Europe, MDF Training & Consultancy, with global offices, to name a few. These types of courses tend to focus on projects, but their skills are relevant and transferable to wider governance assessment and social monitoring.
  • Applied Survey Research (ASR) is a nonprofit social research firm dedicated to helping communities to measure and improve the impact of their services. ASR offers customized training workshops on how to collect, analyze and run data using SPSS.


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