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GAP Initiative

FYR Macedonia: Making Better Informed Decisions to Improve Health and Education

Social inclusion is an important goal for Macedonian analyses of service delivery in the health and education sectors.
Under the umbrella of the project “Strengthening evidence-based policy processes”, FYR Macedonia has decided to take a look at governance information needs in the health and education sectors. Tackling problems of social inclusion head-on, health and education are considered as critical areas to achieve a more inclusive society. Better information about what works and what does not work will assist policymakers in making better decisions.
This research will look at the effectiveness of decentralization of  health and education services, social inclusion, cultural adaptability, accountability mechanisms, voice, participation and transparency.
EU membership accentuates this need for locally-generated governance data.  Regular EU progress reports can be perceived as external and may not necessarily be accepted by national stakeholders. The EU accession process can, however, both support and benefit from an endogenous process of self-assessment.
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of