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Indonesian Democracy Index

Assessing democracy at the provincial level can ensure decentralization is on track with national democratic reforms.
Over the past decade, Indonesia has made important strides towards deepening democracy. Milestones include
  • democratic elections in 1999 and 2004,
  • constitutional amendments, new political parties, and
  • the reform of basic political laws.
Simultaneously, the country is decentralizing services and delegating power to 33 provinces and over 500 districts and municipalities. This has led to variations in democratic performance between regions.
The Indonesian Democracy Index project supports a nationally owned process for assessing and monitoring democratic governance within all 33 provinces in Indonesia.
It aims to provide an inclusive and consultative framework for the systematic assessment and monitoring of democratic governance goals and targets expressed in Indonesia’s national and regional development plans. It provides a method for identifying good practices, learning across regions and further consolidating democratic reform.