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Liberia: Civil Society-Led Monitoring of the Agenda for Transformation (AfT) with a Human Rights Based Approach


During the implementation of the first Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS-1), a group of Liberian CSOs started to monitor the quality and equity of service delivery in Liberia from a Human Rights Perspective. They want to continue doing so under the PRS 2 (“Agenda for Transformation”), and with support from the GAP, a strategy and methodology was developed to improve the quality of the tracking system piloted in the first phase, by:

  1. Involving citizens and community-based organisations more actively in service monitoring on the one hand, and
  2. By strengthening their cooperation with Government in this process on the other hand.

The second phase will have a stronger focus on gender exclusion & inequalities. The project will use a mix of community scorecards & social audits as monitoring methodologies, and will start in 80 communities spread in 4 counties for the first two years.

As the Government of Liberia prepares to roll out a more decentralized service delivery system, the strategic importance of strengthening monitoring systems at the local level is fully recognized by both the Ministry of Planning and the CSOs: good quality data on PRS implementation will be needed at local and national levels for service providing ministries and county officers to be held accountable, as decentralization proceeds.

It is expected that this new Government-Civil Society partnership around the monitoring of the Agenda for Transformation will not only ensure easier access to county-level data by the CSOs, but will also increase the likelihood of the government taking the results seriously, and considering the integration of Community-Based Monitoring in official government M&E practices.

To plan the next steps, a Workshop on Civil Society Engagement with the Government of Liberia on Monitoring the Agenda for Transformation (AfT) with the With a Human Rights Based Approach was held on 14-16 November 2012.


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