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GAP Initiative

Mongolia: Support to Achieving MDG9 on Human Rights and Democratic Governance

Mongolia's MDG9 on governance and human rights has given the country significant experience in assessing governance, which will now be applied locally.
Formulated as a national goal, complete with funding, targets and monitoring indicators, Mongolia means business when they talk about democratic governance and human rights. When signing on to the UN Millennium Development Goals, the Mongolian Government felt the MDGs could be more ambitious. They met this need by adopting a ninth goal, unique to Mongolia, on issues of democratic governance and Human Rights.
This project builds on previous experience in developing Democratic Governance Indicators and MDG9 target indicators, as well as institutionalization of  governance assessment processes. The project aims to develop capacities of government agencies and civil society for reporting on MDG9 implementation, as well as collection, maintenance and analysis of governance-related data, as expressed in the MDG-based National Development Strategy and the Government Action Plan 2008-2012.
This year, the assessment will go local. Sector-specific and decentralized governance assessment tools will be developed and piloted in selected sectors and  with local governments, for further replication elsewhere.