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Paraguay: Monitoring and Evaluation of Democratic Governance in Paraguay

Since 1989, Paraguay has been on a trajectory of "transition to democracy". Given the evidence of serious governance challenges in the context of a rapidly changing economy and the absence of any ongoing national monitoring system, it was felt that there was a need to support a national process of monitoring and evaluation of democratic governance in Paraguay by developing a country-specific governance assessment framework. Placed in this context, this project plays a critical aspect of democratic governance, public administration reform and anti-corruption. It is focused on the incorporation of relevant indicators, which are pro-poor (disaggregated by poverty status, specifically the poor, implicitly pro-poor, and selected by the poor) and gender-sensitive (disaggregated by gender, gender-specific, gender implicitly, and selected by women). As the scope of the project is based on the principles of national ownership and sustainability. these are to be selected and created through a participatory and inclusive process between different actors in the society: government, civil society, political parties, the media and academia.

The project is politically sensitive, but it is a great opportunity  to create public debate and raise awareness.The assessment and measurement of democratic governance can be replicated at the local level, with the possibility of receiving support from both local authorities and other donors.

The objectives of the project objective is to support a national process of monitoring and evaluation of democratic governance in Paraguay.
The specific objectives are:

  • Develop the national capacities to assess democracy, governance and human rights.
  • Establishment of pro-poor and gender sensitive indicators.
  • Introduction of monitoring indicators and tools related to national development plans and national strategies for poverty reduction.

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